About BVC Records

Blue Violet Crimson (BVC) Records in an independent label project under the executive ownership of Samantha Nova. Starting in January of 2018, Ms Nova began releasing music under her own control. As an independent label, she is able to keep the fluidity and transparency of her role in the music business in her own hands. This was a personal choice, due to many grievances and misunderstandings with past contracts. The BVC Record label is used to release her own music, along with the collaborators she has chosen to work with.

As an equal opportunity label, there are no terms or obligations. Only lovers of music, working together splitting equally their earnings without the label taking a 50% cut off the top. What you put in, you get back; distribution and advertising costs are recouped. Then the rest belongs to the artists who make the music.

Music is a passion that drives you artistically to create. Don’t let others try to own your creativity. Fly free like you were meant to.

Creation is everything.





Label Owner

Samantha Nova