Samantha Nova, N.E.O.N, Vinne and Malik Mustache released their indie dance/nu-disco underground hit release with “Rock U”. Since the August 2015 release date it has garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify with more daily streams continuing to grow!

Rock U remained on the Beatport indie dance/nu-disco chart for months, creeping into the number 2 spot - one step away from that number one title... The song continues to find worldwide attention, focused in Brazil and then spreading across the oceans to far away lands. It has sub-released numerous times on various artist releases. Rock U was written by Samantha Nova and Alex Marx (N.E.O.N.).

2018 brings a string of new releases! Check out January's release Dress Me, a project with Russian DJ's/producers Elliaz and FatKat. Feb/March's release Rich with fellow Canadian artist Mogli da Foulchild, alongside Brazil's N.E.O.N and Evoxx - includes the remix version with brilliant bass stylings from Fenk. The Diamonds single (plus a bonus remix track by Vincce E Luo) released in May/June of 2018. On June 13th, acoustic track Let It Go with UK producer/guitar maven Nylon (showcasing the softer side with more of a singer/songwriter feel for this track).

More dance music on the way throughout the year!

Music is a reflection of who we are in a moment, creating a time capsule for us to return to one day. Music is our escape, our listener, our guide. Speaking to us in ways we can not always put into words ourselves. All my life music has been there for me to help me through every emotion. Whether those emotions made me want to cry, scream, laugh or just have a good time - music understood me. Music knew who I was.. on the inside. Music knows who you are inside too. Every song, every playlist. Uniquely chosen to recount your own memories.

What will the time capsule of your life be?
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